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Projects that I've worked on!


This 8-bit styled maze uses vba macros to allow the player to navigate through the maze.  The goal of the game is to go downstairs to the next level (the next level has a different color for the walls).  Each level starts where the last exit was, and the player can change the seed for the next level as well as the starting location (the rows and columns must be even numbers between 2 and 32 inclusively).  You may have to wait awhile before you can move again.

To run this, you will need to enable content and enable the macros to run.  The macros are not password protected so you can view the code if you would like.

You can download the excel sheet by clicking on the link below

Download 8BitMaze Version 1.1 (2.57MB) 2/15/2019

    *improved movement speed and maze generation performance

Older versions are listed below:

Download 8BitMaze Version 1 (2.59MB) 2/14/2019

Settlers of Spreadsheets (Generator)

This is a Google Spreadsheet that you can generate new boards for the game.  You can color the roads by typing into the cell the color of your piece.  With game pieces that you can drag-and-drop, tons of ways to customize how much of each land tile shows up in the map, and number generators to change the land, numbers, and even shuffle the cards, there is a lot of functions available to this file.  And you can play it online with others.

Note, to be able to edit the file, you need to first save a copy of it onto your google drive. 

Projects other people made that were too cool not to share them!

Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with any of these projects or creators below.  I'm also not responsible if any of their files do anything malicious to your computer.  Download these files at your own risk.

Tatsuo Horiuchi's Excel Art

Here is a link to an article with a video about Tatsuo's unusual art made in Excel:

More of his art can be found on his personal website here:

Mystery Guitar Man's Spreadsheet Music Video

This is a stop-motion video of Mystery Guitar Man dancing inside of a spreadsheet. 

ExCell Art Generator

This is a program that converts images into excel documents with each cell representing a pixel in the image

Standupmath's Pixel Art Generator

This is similar to ExCell Art Generator except this website will create subpixels into the spreadsheet using conditional formatting. 

Note: If you can't get the document to open in Excel, you should be able to import it into an Google Spreadsheet and that will open it.

Dr. Robert J. Ribando

He has several excel documents on his website, but I found the greeting cards at the bottom of his website to be very interesting. 

Excel Midi Sequencer

This document allows you to make songs in Excel! 


This pacman clone inspired me to make my 8bitmaze game as it showed me how animation is possible in Excel.  This is a great example of what Excel can do with Macros. 

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