Professor Winter


My name is Jeffrey Winter. I've been a full time math instructor at Black Hills State University since Fall 2014. I grew up in a small farm near Denton, Montana. I earned a Bachelor's Degrees in Mathematical Sciences and a Bachelor's Degree in Statistics at Montana Tech in May 2012. From there I went to University of Idaho for two years and graduated with a Master's Degree in Mathematics in May 2014. While I attended University of Idaho, I worked as a teaching assistant and taught A Survey of Calculus, Calculus I, and Calculus II.

At BHSU, I teach Pre-College Algebra, College Algebra, Quantitative Literacy and Intro to Statistics. I'm currently working in conjunction with Dr. Garnett in chasing robbers with cops on graphs (for research purposes, of course).

As of Fall 2017, I'm also the director of the Math Assistant Center which is located in the library on campus. You can find out more about the Math Assistance Center here.